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HD Production / Transmission system Good Access to main street GANGNAM Area Size: 2 floors, 1,683㎡ Capacity: 1,000 people Utilizing facilities in NEXON ARENA The best venue only for esports in Korea NEXON ARENA is the venue only for esports operated by NEXON and SPOTV GAMES. It measures 19 meters in width and 3.4 meters in length. It also has a huge LED Screen. The entertaining complex with games has a promotion lounge where people can enjoy the latest PC games, a mobile lounge where people can experience games with their mobile device and BJ booth where Broadcasting Jockey can broadcast. The best environment for watching games It has a total of 436 seats which includes 176 seats in the first basement-level and 260 seats in the second basement-level. In addition, a few large TV monitors provide spectators with the best environment for watching.


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1 SRB 147
2 KOR 132
3 FIN 111
4 CHN 107
5 THA 67
6 PHL 63
7 ROU 63
8 TPE 48

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