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Jakarta is the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia, a country composed of more than 13,000 islands with a population of over 180 million. Comprising more than 300 ethnic groups speaking 200 different languages, the Indonesia population exhibits marked diversity in its linguistic, culture, and religious traditions. As the Capital City, Jakarta is a melting pot of representatives from each of these ethnic groups. Jakarta is a special territory enjoying the status of a province, consisting of Greater Jakarta, covering of 637.44 square km area. Located on the northern coast of West Java, it is the center of government, commerce and industry and has an extensive communications network with the rest of the country and the outside world. Strategically positioned in the archipelago, the city is also the principal gateway to the rest of Indonesia. From the Capital City, sophisticated land, air, and sea transport is available to the rest of the country and beyond.

Ancol Beach City is a lifestyle mall which offers a variety of unique experiences that are different from other malls. With an area of white sandy beaches of over 7,000 square meters, Ancol Beach City is the only mall that provides a variety of rides and games activities for visitors its beaches and all it’s FREE. Visitors just need to shop at Ancol Beach City tenants with minimum expenditure ranging from Rp. 50.000, -to play rock climbing, Banana Boat, Donut Boat, airhead Viper, jetski and Ancol Mall Cruise.


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1 KOR 152
2 FIN 111
3 AUT 100
4 CHN 98
5 AZE 73
6 PHL 73
7 SRB 58
8 ITA 48


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