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Vlad Marinescu joins IESF’s Board

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| 2019-04-02

International Esports Federation’s Board, desirous of actively pursuing its ambitions as the sole International Federation for esports has co-opted Vlad Marinescu.

Vlad Marinescu, currently President of United States eSports Federation, served as the former Director of International Judo Federation, and then made his mark in international sport as the Former Director General of SportAccord (GAISF). While holding such position in SportAccord, Vlad installed and monitored recognition application process for recognition of International Federations, creation and operation of various Multi- SportGames, managed the full-operations of organization, all programs and platforms, and organized multiple World Championships.

IESF believes that its true assets are its member federations and those dedicated individuals that serve them.

Vlad therefore brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the IESF’s Board. As such the Board is confident that IESF will meet the goals in being accredited by Global Association of International Sports Federations(GAISF). Image Vlad

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