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Vienna Women’s prize for ESVÖs women’s representative


| 2019-05-21

Vienna Women’s prize for ESVÖs women’s representative

img190521 Austria 1 Yvonne Scheer has been active as a player, caster and referee in austrias esports for years. She was awarded with the Vienna Women’s Prize in the “Gaming” category in 2018. This Prize has been awarded annually since 2002 for special achievements by women for women. Most of the award winners have received the Women’s Prize for many years of merit in promoting women and for their tireless commitment to gender equality. With Yvonne it was a little bit different, a departure from the previous practice. The young woman was awarded at the beginning of her career for her future achievements in a field that is pretty young and new. She wants to see more diversity in the still male-dominated esports. Since summer 2018 she has been Austria’s first gender/women’s representative for ESVÖ – the austrian esports federation. As such, she wants to encourage women and girls to get into gaming and esports. img190521 Austria 2

Against prejudices and stereotypes

img190521 Austria 4 Ever since she took the role as a women’s representative she has been receiving more and more mails: congratulations, interview requests but also requests for talks from girls and women who need help or just want a good advice. “For me it would be a success if only one girl dares to go to an event or tournament because of me,” she says. img190521 Austria 3 While around half of the gamers worldwide are women (including PC, console and smartphone platforms), only 3 to 5 percent of attendees in austrias esports are female. The reasons for this are above all the clichés and prejudices, the hostility and insults to which female gamers are sometimes exposed. But there is a lot more to this topic. Yvonne started talking openly about her experiences and wants to see more female players in esports leagues. She also wrote a paper and was invited to Events to talk about this theme. She also says, that she sees the change of the community over the years. “I like how event organizers started involving women as analysts, desk hosts and casters. We have to make those few women, that are represented in esports, visible to show the young generation that there is equality within our sport.” ESVÖ is currently working with partner on different projects and schools to get more young female players into competitive gaming. “If we show and spread gender equality with the youngsters today, we hopefully will not have a big gender-gap in 5 to 10 years from now. I believe education is a big part of the process!”, Yvonne said in one of her interviews. We all like to see more diversity and gender equality in esports worldwide. img190521 Austria 5

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