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Tekken 7 as Official Game Title for 11th Esports World Championship

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| 2019-07-10


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International Esports Federation (IESF) hereby announces Tekken 7 as an official game title for individual participation to be included in the 11th Esports World Championship in Seoul, Korea.

All athletes who shall participate in the Tekken 7 game title at IESF’s 11th Esports World Championship shall be selected by member national federations affiliated to IESF and shall be part of the only esports event where competition is based on nationality.

Tekken 7 is published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

2019 marks the sixth time since that the game title has been included in suchWorld Championships since 2012. Tekken 7 has again been selected as an official game title of IESF’s Esports World Championship.

The 10th Esports World Championships saw Saudi Arabia capture first place and was closely followed by Japan and Korea who took second and third respectively.

The next official title shall be announced via IESF’s official website and social media.

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