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Namibia takes on Tekken & FIFA in 2018


| 2018-08-15

Namibia fifa tekken

NESA Tekken & FIFA National Finals

On 16 June 2018 the Namibian Electronic Sports Association (NESA) hosted the very exciting Final round of the Tekken & FIFA National Tournament of 2018. Competition was tight, and the tension was high as players competed for a position on the Namibian eSports Team in their respective eSports titles.

In the tournament for FIFA, Rashaad Matjila, 2017’s National FIFA Player, placed 1st with newcomer Isaac Nghishekwa coming in 2nd and 2016’s FIFA National Player Ricky Tjiueza placing 3rd. With Tekken, Freddy Mazila, 2017’s Tekken National Player, placed 1st with Flip de Bruyn coming in 2nd and newcomer Brandon Cockrell placing 3rd.

The National Finals event for these games was hosted at Imagine Games Café in Windhoek. The annual tournaments for National Colours in eSports is gaining more support from gamers and sponsors especially following Mazila’s representation of Namibia at the 2017 IeSF World Championship which took place in Busan, South Korea in November last year.

NESA would herewith like to congratulate these players on their outstanding performance in this year’s National Tournament, especially Rashaad and Freddy for making sure they remained the champions! NESA would also like to thank Monster Energy for sponsoring the event, Cash Converters for their assistance with equipment, Imagine Games Café for making their venue available for the whole tournament, as well as all the volunteers who assisted in the administration of the tournament. Namibia fifa tekken people

Nam VS SA International Friendly: Tekken & FIFA18

On the 23rd of June 2018, the Namibian Electronic Sports Association (NESA) hosted, together with the Goethe-Institut of Namibia, an international test match where Namibia competed against South Africa in Tekken7 and FIFA18 online on PlayStation4. Namibia posted its first victory against South Africa in 2017 since the rivalry started in 2010. However, this year took a turn for the worse as South Africa overpowered Namibia 4-1.

With the first round, Flip de Bruyn, the number 2 Tekken player in Namibia, played against Alasdair Donaldson in Tekken where Donaldson won 3-0. In the second round, Freddy Mazila, Namibian Tekken Champion, took on Donaldson where Donaldson won again with 3-0. The third round saw Salomé de Bruyn, who volunteered to be the female Tekken player for Namibia since no female players took part in the National Tournament, play against SA female Tekken champion, Charlize Seremak, and also suffered a loss of 3-0.

In the fourth round, Isaac Nghishekwa, the number 2 FIFA player in Namibia, faced off against Khahliso Malape, with Malape taking the win. Finally, in the fifth round, Namibia was saved from a complete defeat as Rashaad Matjila, Namibia’s FIFA champion, took the win against Malape.

At the end of the test match, all the players remained positive and insisted that they want a rematch against SA as they felt they can truly do better. NESA will remain in contact with Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) to arrange a possible rematch within the next few months.

NESA would herewith like to thank Monster Energy and the Goethe-Institut for their support in organizing this test match, as well as all the spectators who took the time to come and support their Namibian eSports Team.

Replays of all the rounds can be found on the Namibian Electronic Sports Association’s YouTube channel.

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