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Magnus Jonsson - Board member candidate

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| 2019-12-06

Magnus Jonsson is the youngest person to be voted into the Board of IESF. He has served the Board since 2015 and is nominated for another term.

“The first computer we had at home was a Pentium 90. I could install Starcraft but I could never play as Zerg, if I did and faced another Zerg the computer would crash due to too many units on the map…”

IESF has grown a lot since its foundation in 2008. This is also the year when the Swedish Esport Association (SESF) was founded. SESF was founded by Magnus Jonsson and four other esports enthusiasts.
Magnus has a long history within esports, mostly behind the scenes. Magnus had been head admin and referee for events like CPL, ESWC and DreamHack before starting SESF.

SESF joined IESF in 2011. When asked by the media what SESF president Magnus Jonsson would like to do to improve IESF the answer was quick: “More transparency and a more democratic process.”

Magnus Jonsson was co-opted by the IESF Board in 2015 and then elected by the General Meeting in 2016. During these four years IESF has become more transparent with a higher engagement from member nations.

There is still a lot of work ahead to make IESF into the international federation we all want it to be. The only way forward is together with our members, they are IESF’s main strength.

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