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ITeSPA activity plan 2020


| 2020-01-21

img200121 - ITeSPA activity plan 2020

Italian e-Sports Association is pleased to announce to the publication of the annual calendar of training and competitive activities. 2020 promises to be a big year for Italian esports!
Competitive activities will be organized on four official circuits that will compare the best athletes and the best Italian teams to both national and international competitions: ITeSPA Grand Prix 2020 (12 touranemnts), ITeSPA LegaPRO (league), ITeSPA Champions Italy 2020 (4 torunaments) and ITeSPA Cup (2 tournaments).
Overview and competitive activities annual calendar:

ITeSPA activities plan 2020 will also provide to the consolidation of the training proposal to: technicians (Official training course, Esport prosecutor training course) and athletes (Training course athletes - League of Legends, Training course athletes - StarCraft II).
Overview and training activities annual calendar:

There will be live appointments both for competitive and training activities but also for the divulgation of esports (they will be announced in the coming weeks).

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