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| 2020-01-21

img200121 - Italian national register of esport prosecutor (1)
img200121 - Italian national register of esport prosecutor (2)

The first training course for esport prosecutors in collaboration with the Law and Tax Studio - Russo De Rosa Associati ended on 19 December.

The aim of the course is to provide all the basic information to be able to operate in the field of intermediation between all different actors, national and international, on the competitive video game scene. The course is aimed at all law firms and in general all lawyers but not only. With the collaboration with first lay studio, even those who are not familiar with the legal system will be able to participate in the courses and carry out the activity of esport prosecutor with the advice and support of the Studio.

The growing interest of italian esports economic structure increasingly in close contact with the world of sports need a specific esport manager. Therefore, it is of fundamental importance to have references on the subject that can better orient the activity of those who already operate in the export world or those who want to operate under the protection of legal professionals.

At the same time, at the end of the first training course, the national register of technicians who will operate as esport prosecutors was opened, available at this address:

In view of the number of requests already received, a calendar with the next available dates is already being planned in order to participate in the annual training course 20202021. For further information on the topics covered, please refer to the outline document already available on the ITeSPA website:

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