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Iran National Team qualification for IESF 2018


| 2018-09-04

The Iran National Team qualification rounds for IESF 2018 in Taiwan, was finished on August 22, and the champions for each title were determined. This tournament was managed and sponsored by Iran eSports Association and was hold by the help of Iran National eSports Academy, Ggame Website and three of the best game centers in Tehran: Iran Cyber Games, Junior and Viod. The announcement for the qualification rounds began 3 weeks prior to the start of submitting at 10th of July 2017 on Iresa and Ggame websites. The palyers could submit their name free of charge from 24th of July till 10th of August 2018.

The qualification for CS:GO was hold in 2 round of online and offline during 4 days. 27 teams compete with each other in a double elimination bracket with BO3 match format and at the end 4 teams; Peace Revokers, Hakim Gaming, For Glory and Pure Souls could qualify for the offline round which took place in the Junior game center on 20th of August. After a thrilling and beautiful final, For Glory beat Hakim Gaming with the result of 2 to 1 and become the champion of the tournament. You can see the CS:GO bracket through this link:

The LOL qualification was hold separately in 2 bracket of West and NA and 2 top teams of each bracket qualified for the final round. The offline round was hold in Infinity game center and team Void become the champion of the tournament. You can see the LOL bracket through this link:

The qualification for Tekken was hold in Infinity game center on the 22th of August and 64 players compete with each other. At the end Firooz Hosseini become the champion of this title. You can see the Tekken bracket through this link:اعلام%20نتایج%20سومین%20دوره‌ی%20مسابقات%20iCG-Tekken7%20تابستان%20۹۷

This year marked the first time that Iran National eSports Academy presented the champions, teams and associates of qualification round with official certificates.

Despite the military service issue in Iran (which prevent the boys from traveling overseas) we are doing our best to send teams and players for all three titles and if any player have any problem for traveling, we will replace them with other players who participated in the qualification tournament.

Associate parties: Infinity Game Center Junior Game Center Void Game Center Ggame

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