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| 2019-04-23

Athletes proudly bearing their national flags at IESF’s 10th World Championships – Kaohsiung.

Image Players' Commission To create better communication between IESF and all the esports athletes it serves, IESF’s Players’ Commission, hereby invites all athletes who have participated in member federation’s teams in IESF events to join IESF’s Players’ Commission discord and Facebook Group page.

All such athletes are encouraged to join both the Discord and Facebook Group page so that any and all concerns raised by athletes can be raised at Board level in order to help IESF improve the experience.

The Discord and Facebook Group page is reserved entirely for such athletes, and is a safe space for athletes to voice concerns or comment about anything. IESF’s Players’ Commission will do its very best to solve any issues any athlete may have.

All questions or concerns must be directed to:

• Facebook Group Page - • Discord Group- • E-mail -

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