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Friendly Tekken 7 match between Serbia and Israel and Russia


| 2019-11-09

IESF Esports World Championship is a month away and Serbian e-sports Association arranged two friendly matches between the national representatives from Israeli Esports Association and Russian Esports Association also in Tekken 7.
In the first match, our representative played against Adir, best Tekken 7 player from Israel. After we won our friendly PES2020 match, Isreal managed to get a win here in Tekken 7, after Adir beat Vlada “Cold Heart” Stanković 5-4.
img1108 - Serbia (1)

After that game, Vlada didn’t want to end the day with two loses, so he improved his game against the Russian representative Mikhail. This time he battled back after being behind to win the game 5-4.
img1108 - Serbia (2)
In the end, all players congratulated each other and wished luck for the upcoming championship is Seoul.

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