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| 2019-11-22

On November 2, 2019 in the locality of Nikel (Murmansk Oblast of the Russian Federation), an esports competition in FIFA 20 videogame was held. Nickel Cup was attended by international and Russian FIFA players in FIFA. The event was organized by the Russian Esports Federation, and supported by the Nornickel company.

img1122 - Russia 1
Events of international scale do not just improve the quality of life and leisure in the localities of our activity, but also give development to new business areas, which is very important for single-industry towns. In addition, Nikel is a unique place, we border Norway, Finland, and such events also work to strengthen our good neighborliness. When the federation proposed such a project, we knew exactly where to host this event, – comments Zanda Buslova, project manager of the Nornickel company.
The northernmost Russian FIFA 20 competition took place in the Metallurg sports complex. Players from Finland and Norway dispatched by Finnish Esports Federation and Norway Esports Federation, opposed the athletes from Russia. All participants were divided into two groups:
Group A:
- Artem Gambit_Xal Khalilov (Russia)
- Eemeli Sn1pguy Simpanen (Finland)
- Mikhail Torres Zaporozhets (Russia)
- Ole Twistednights Lende Hansen (Norway)

Group B:
- Robert Ufenok77 Fakhretdinov (Russia)
- Davliat DAV– Sagitov (Russia)
- Sander SandyStole Stoele (Norway)
- Anton anzinho8 Korvenaho (Finland)

img1122 - Russia 2

Two players qualified from each group for the play-offs. In semi-final matches Artem won Davliat with the score of 2:1 (1:0, 1:1), and Robert defeated Eemeli 6:5 (2:3, 4:2).

In the match for third place, Davlyat Sagitov lost in a difficult fight to his opponent from Finland with a score of 3:5 (in the sum of two matches: 1-4 and 2-1). In the final, Robert Fakhretdinov, representative of Loko Esports, and Artyom Khalilov from Gambit Esports met. By the sum of two matches 1-1 and 2-1 Artyom Khalilov defeated in a bitter battle.

img1122 - Russia 3
In addition to spectacular show matches, the event guests received pleasant surprises from the organizers. Anyone could participate in the amateur FIFA 20 tournament, which was organized directly in the sports complex, and the winner received valuable esports prizes.
There was a discussion workshop on the site, where Alexei Kushnirenko, responsible for organizing the Cup and the Russian Interactive Football Championship, and Maxim Gutnik, a famous Russian video blogger, spoke. Alexey told newcomers how to take the first steps in interactive football, and the guys will be more experienced in how to take part in official tournaments of the RFU and the FCC of Russia. Maxim talked about his Youtube channel, shared the profile and main features of maintaining a played with fans.

img1122 - Russia 4
Also on the site, for everyone, a VR zone was opened with its own unique entertainment, a table football zone and a free-play zone, where you could play your favorite game and get advice from professionals in between matches.
The event went perfectly and became one of the main happenings of the city’s life this fall. Participants and spectators, everybody hope RESF will manage to repeat it sometime.

Link to the video-summary of the event:

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