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Esports accepted as part of the Finnish Defence Forces’ Sports School


| 2017-10-06

Electronic sports accepted as a part of the Finnish Defence Forces’ Sports School

Electronic sports was accepted as part of the Finnish Defence Forces’ Sports School. In the future the top of esports athletes will be treated like other athletes in the application process for special training. The Finnish Defence Forces replied in the beginning of September to the motion made by the Finnish esports federation for esports to be a part of the Sports School.

In the decision made by the Defence Forces it’s stated that esports professionals and the athletes aiming at the top can apply for special training to the Sports School normally during the application process. There is no particular, sport-specific training- or coaching system for esports, the players will be treated like all other athletes in the application process and throughout their military service.

“Starting our collaboration with the Defence Forces is a positive step for the federation towards a developing and more professional sports activity. By serving in the Sports School the esports professionals get enough time to practise and compete during their military service. In the future the young, promising talents’ training and coaching will be done during their service and it’s especially great that every athlete will get their own customized plan for their service”, says the President of the Finnish esports federation Joonas Kapiainen.

The selection process for the Sports School will be done in close collaboration with the Finnish esports federation. The federation’s task in the process is the same as other federations’, to evaluate the Sports School’s applicants according to their prediction of success and to rank the athletes. The evaluation done by the federation is a part of the overall evaluation done by the Sports School.

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