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E-sports now a full member of Finnish Olympic Committee


| 2019-11-23

The Finnish Olympic Committee approved the Finnish Esports Federation as a member of the Committee at the general meeting held in November.

The Federation was accepted as an associate member of the Finnish Sports Confederation VALO in 2014, but after VALO and the Finnish Olympic Committee merged in 2017, the Federation became an associate member of the Committee. The Federation’s full membership application was sent in fall 2019 and was approved in November.

“The full membership of the Finnish Olympic Committee establishes esports as a part of the Finnish sports community. This recognition is a significant step forward for us, nationally but also internationally, in the recognition and impact of esports. I want to thank our members and other operators of the esports field for the journey so far. We will continue our long-term efforts with awareness, supporting actions and promotion of interests”, commented the President of the Federation, Joonas Kapiainen.

According to the Finnish Olympic Committee, to be selected as a member of the Committee organization needs to be registered and act nationwide. The organization’s activities main purpose is to promote exercise, competitive sports at the highest level or other sport.

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