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Collaboration between Israel's IESA and Austria's ESVÖ


| 2019-01-18

Austria's Yvonne Scheer of the Austrian eSports Federation (eSport Verband Österreich, ESVÖ) visited Tel Aviv and met with the president of the Israeli e-Sports Association (IESA), Ido Brosh

The Israeli eSports Association (R.A.) had accommodated Ms. Yvonne Scheer, head of Media at the Austrian e-Sports Federation (ESVÖ) in Tel Aviv last December.

In a meeting that took place in the IESA offices in Tel Aviv between Yvonne Scheer and Mr. Ido Brosh, president of IESA, the two agreed to work together to promote e-Sports in Austria and Israel and the national e-Sports athletes of the two countries. Additionally, a friendly test-match between the national teams of Israel and Austria is planned by the two organizations before the IeSF 11th eSports World Championship, which had not been announced yet.

The eSports collaboration between Israel and Austria is not new: the organization had been in contact ever since their first meeting during the International e-Sports Federation’s general meeting, in which both organizations are full members. However, this has been the first time a representative of ESVÖ had visited Israel.

After the official meetings, the IESA had invited its Austrian guest to a day tour in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The visit ended with Ms. Scheer attending a special screening party of Aquaman in the Israeli Cinema-City megaplex, hosted by Frogi – leading Israeli youth website. During the party, Mr. Brosh introduced Ms. Scheer to various popular Israeli Youtubers, Streamers and Singers in attendance.

Isarael From Left to Right: Alon Albahari (CEO, Frogi), Ido Brosh (President, IESA), Yvonne Scheer (Head of Media, ESVÖ)

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