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Austrian A1 esports league – Rise of the Legends


| 2019-08-18

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“A1 esports league – Rise of the Legends”

After 2 successful seasons the A1 esports league final was celebrated in the viennese event location Gasometer on Saturday 15th of june 2019. The best teams and esports gamers played for a pricepool over 30.000 Euros. The esports titels were League of Legends, Clash Royale, rFactor2 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Sponsors like Huawei, McDonalds, Mercedes Benz were present as well as music acts DAME and filou. Over 1300 visitors attended the event in addition to the organizers, teams and players.

SimRacing Champion

Even if a lot of attendees have never seen a virtual Race, they cheered for fast cars in changing weather conditions. The racers themselves had impressive equipment to deal with as well. They drove their virtual cars in motion simulators from Sim4Race. All esports titels were, of course, broadcasted via twitch and well known SimRacing experts casted the Race. In the end Florian Hasse won the trophy with less than a second lead to his opponent and was named SimRacing Champion of the A1 eSports League Austria.

Reverse Sweep in Clash Royale

The Clash Royale Scene has grown immense over the past months. No wonder, so many gamers from Austria, Germany and Switzerland tried to make it to the top. On the stage the finalists “ItzSnakeZz” and the austrian top player “YYYY” battled for the 3.200 Euros Pricemoney. The favorite ItzSnakeZz showed why he had not lost a single match in the league phase. With three consecutive wins he was able to turn the match and win with a final score of 3:2. On site of the big final, a community tournament occurred in the event location and the participants played for a pricepool of 350 Euros.

Intense Super Smash. Bros Final

Five on- and offline Qualifications took place before the top Smash players were able to play in the big arena of the Gasometer. The two top Players SFZ Tarik from Germany and Plan-B Yetey from Austria were the finalists in the end. After an intense matchup live on stage SFZ Tarik was crowned the new champion and took home 3.200 Euro by himself.

New austrian Champions in League of Legends

In a long league phase the top 8 teams had to earn important points to be able to play in the final. The crowd called out the names of their favorites, a feeling that we all know from major sport events. The strong team of “Tickling Tentacles willhaben” was able to overrule Team “WarKidZ” and was the last team to be crowned A1 eSports League Austria Champion on this day.

Afterall the event was a full success for the attendees, players and media as well as for the organizers. It was broadcasted on with thousands of viewers. By the end of the summer, A1 will seek for new legends for their Hall of Fame and has already announced that the same four esports titels (League of Legends, Clash Royale, rFactor 2 and Smash Bros. Ultimate) will be played.

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