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Anti-Doping Agency starts cooperation with Esports Association Polska


| 2020-02-12


The Polish Anti-Doping Agency (POLADA) and the Esports Association Polska have signed an agreement on cooperation in the fight against doping in esports. In the initial period of cooperation, both organizations will focus on undertaking educational and preventive activities, while a full doping control program is planned for the future.

“POLADA is ready to help organizations such as the Esports Association Polska in striving to ensure fair sports competition” - emphasized Michał Rynkowski, director of the Polish Anti-Doping Agency.

The esports industry has thus opened the way to implementing similar legal solutions and anti-doping policies that operate under the World Anti-Doping Program. It is also another step forward in the professionalization of esports in Poland.

“In our activities, we follow the basic norm of values in sport - the fair play principle. Thanks to the cooperation we have established with POLADA we want to implement the same principle in national esports competition, both at amateur and professional level. Joint activities will start with a fundamental issue, i.e. education and prevention in the field of fair and responsible gaming” - said Łukasz Trybuś, president of the Esports Association Polska.

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