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10th Esports World Championship Group Draw Result

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| 2018-11-05

Draw BGWith only few days left until the opening ceremony, the Group draw of each discipline (LoL, CS:GO, Tekken 7) has been finalized. Broadcasted live on the official IESF Twitch and YouTube channel, the full footage can be viewed online.

Below are the draw results of each country.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive - Group A: Australia, Serbia, Georgia, Nepal - Group B: Israel, Denmark, Macedonia, Namibia - Group C: Philippines, India, Lebanon - Group D: Sweden, Portugal, Iran - Group E: Russia, Japan, South Africa - Group F: Romania, Thailand, Switzerland - Group G: Malaysia, Chinese Taipei, Macau - Group H: Finland, Vietnam, Sri Lanka

League of Legend - Group A: Thailand, Costa Rica, Serbia, Russia - Group B: Republic of Korea, Italy, Macau, Sri Lanka - Group C: South Africa, Israel, Denmark - Group D: Philippines, Netherlands, Egypt - Group E: Mexico, Chinese Taipei, Georgia - Group F: Namibia, Saudi Arabia, Finland - Group G: Malaysia, Iran, Australia - Group H: Romania, Sweden, Switzerland

Tekken 7 - Group A: Egypt, Tunisia, Republic of Korea, Italy - Group B: Namibia, Israel, Thailand, Sweden - Group C: Maldives, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam - Group D: Finland, Lebanon, Portugal, Iran - Group E: Chinese Taipei, Philippines, South Africa - Group F: Romania, Malaysia, Macau, New Zealand - Group G: Switzerland, Austria, Russia, India - Group H: Australia, Sri Lanka, Georgia, Serbia

Official broadcasting of the event will start from 19:00 on November 9th with the opening ceremony. International Broadcast can be viewed on YouTube and Twitch channel of IESF.


More information on the World Championships, can be found in the following link. (

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